Tuesday, 2017-05-23

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bkuhnGreetings, anwesha!21:23
bkuhnEveryone, anwesha is a lawyer I met at PyCon this weekend.21:23
bkuhn(this past weekend)21:23
bkuhnanwesha is interested in contributing to the Guide.  I've encouraged her to read the CONTRIBUTING file and learn how to use a Git and/or patch workflow to propose improvements.21:23
bkuhnI know most of everyone here are quite idle most of the time, but perhaps some of you have time to help anwesha with her Git and other workflow questions about contributing to the Guide?21:24
bkuhnShe's the first enthusiastic interested contributor we've had come along in quite a while, so I'd like to give her as warm a welcome as our lazy-selves around here can muster. :)21:25
yrkanwesha: hello and welcome21:25
yrkwe'll all do what we can to help; laziness notwithstanding21:26
bkuhnyrk: well, I'm the laziest of them all.  https://k.copyleft.org/guide/pull-request makes that abundantly clear. ;)21:26
anweshaThank you bkuhn and yrk :)21:26
bkuhnanwesha: Also, I expect most everyone here are on US/Eastern time, so they are most likely  mostly gone for the night.  You should definitely re-introduce yourself tomorrow during the morning US/Eastern time.  https://copyleft.org/irclogs/%23copyleft.2017-05-23.log.html  will have the log of this so you can paste that back in at this time to show people what I said above.21:27
anweshaI will read the guidelines tonight and get back with it tomorrow21:28
ollythere's people here in NZ and Australia too (and hello)21:28
bkuhnoh, right, of course.  I didn't realize you were here, olly!21:29
* bkuhn should read the list of nicks on the channel more carefully. :-021:29
anweshaOk I will re introduce myself once again tomorrow in the channel.21:29
anweshahi olly21:29
anweshaOnce I get back to India, timings will be an issue :)21:31
yrkanwesha: by the way, I'm one of the volunteers who has been helping answer licensing question over at licensing@fsf.org (for the last decade or so): https://www.fsf.org/licensing/team21:31
bkuhnanwesha: not so much, I often am up very early US/Pacific, which probably catches your evening ok.21:32
anwesha:) ok21:33
bkuhnAnd, I can make often find time in the early evenings US/Pacific too, which might map ok as well if you get up early in India. :)21:33
anweshaYeah I guess I need work on my daily routine.21:35
anweshaThanks yrk for the link21:36
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anweshaI leaving for the dinner now. Will see you tomorrow.21:38
bkuhnhaha, well, I can adapt to you if you can definitely contribute regularly.  Honestly, the main thing I need to do is clear my schedule enough that I can at least merge patches.21:38
bkuhn... b/c I think the other committers haven't had time.21:38
bkuhnanwesha: see you later!21:38
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