Friday, 2014-12-12

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hemlisAnyone ?10:26
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bkuhnThere are people here, yes.10:29
myBuddyI come here to talk to a lot of peeps but I see only ya10:30
myBuddyNo one interested in Copyleft anymore ?10:30
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bkuhnhemlis: Just yesterday we had a long discussion with you about copyleft:
hemlisbkuhn: ok I am not in serious mood so I don't want to talk to you ( as that would be wasting your precious time )10:34
hemlismy time is not as precious as yours10:34
hemlisThanks for logs10:34
hemlisserious is Trisquel don't work well10:34
hemlisI m pissed off10:34
bkuhnThat's nice of you to say (regarding my time being precious).  I don't think the fact that there isn't constant traffic on this channel means people aren't interested in copyleft.10:34
bkuhnhemlis: I'm sorry you've had trouble with Trisquel, but that discussion is really off-topic here.10:35
hemlisbkuhn: I am rebel mostly, I avoid rule, I break em, but I work highly to promote copyleft software, I almost had a broken engagement due to it, she wanted me to install Whatsapp, I refused. because I am in love with concept of Copyleft. also I ain't that technical but I try to understand these licenses and policies.10:36
bkuhnWell, as I mentioned yesterday, studying the Guide would be useful to help you with that.  If you have specific questions about the Guide, feel free to ask them.  We try to keep this channel clear for specific discussion about the material on and improving it.10:37
bkuhnThank you.10:38
hemlisthat is why I don't talk much. Because I don't want to bug you with my naive questions, I respect you so much. I fear that you might mad at me, and then I would not be able to talk to you in future. I don't understand how can you people be so kind and still talk to rude boys/silly boys/stupid boys and even reply us with generous content. I am reading it, but right now I am writing to understand Copyright notices and the way we write10:41
bkuhnhemlis: this channel isn't really designed as a Q&A channel for questions about copyright.  Perhaps you might want to write to <> with your questions?10:44
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hemlisit is a valid copyleft notice, "You may use this with whatever that can be distributed under the same notice verbatim provided that all the notices remain intact"13:29
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yrkhemlis: it isn't even a valid sentence in the English language13:43
hemlisCopyright ©  NAME, You may copy, use, remix, reuse this work provided that same applies to whole of work it is used with in any form and this notice is preserved.13:44
hemlisyrk: ^13:44
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