Appendix A
Citations of Incorporated Material from Other Published Works

As a public, collaborative project, this Guide is primarily composed of the many contributions received via its public contribution process. Please review its Git logs for full documentation of all contributions.

Below is a list of CC-By-SA-licensed works, with specific titles and publication dates, from which any material was incorporated into this Guide. The specific methods and details of incorporation are fully documented in the Git logs of the project.

Please note, however, that this list above does not include nor adequately represent the substantial contributions from those who directly contributed to this Guide using its Git (and formerly, CVS) repository. Rather, this is a list of third-party published works from which any text was herein included under their CC-By-SA licensing. Thus, as the reader might expect, the version control logs contain the only true and accurate view available of who has contributed which portions of this project.

The remaining appendices include a full copy of GPLv2, GPLv3, LGPLv2.1, LGPLv3, and AGPLv3. These are the most commonly used licenses in the GPL family of licenses.