Recent changes to this wiki:

Don't jump right into the definition.
Add a simple sentence to start.
SSL report
ask about leftovers on gitorious
removed done todos (like gitorious migration)
small fixes
make clear why this one is important.
Add various items to the TODO list, and remove those that are done
Add a slash here
Remove weird wiki spam
Nevermind; I'll self-publish this stuff first before cluttering this wiki.
to send a note saying that the new message is a go
Introduction and planned contributions
Duplicate statement here as appears in
Same statement is found in of the project.
Kallithea calls them pull requests.
fix commit log link from gitorious
update merge request link
Fixed typo in one place on front page. HT zugz
<zugz> typo on front page of s/coypleft/copyleft/
Add new abbreviated URL for offer-for-source
Fix URL typo.
Try this text to see if it fits better.
Shorten text.
Support links.
Punctuation, spacing
footnote numbers shouldn't reset on monolithic.
Two TODOs about guide-next.
Note the issue on this page.
Ikiwiki issue.
TODO item re: first person.
Correct title.
Note problem with a href offsets.
One more paragraph about
grammar fix.
Incorporate suggestion from the Discussion page.
Link to the respective org announcements.
Wiki Link was backwards.
users list configuration and reconciliation.
Create users directory and users list.
Rename file again.
This is now fixed.
Menu options a bit clearer,
Note this is in progress right now.
Note: some things may break if we leave gitorious
Memorizable URLs.
For moment, we're linking to no logos at bottom.
Except for the GNU Mailman pages.
This is done.
This is done.
Add TODO to set up Kallithea.
Convert these TODOs back into useful TODOs.
Additional patch for mailman branding.
Mailman Branding Patch applied on
added comment about logo margins
Add period.
Merge branch 'master' of
Rework this section.
cleaned up and consolidated some wordings, no substance changes
Change to https links.
Add links to mailing lists.
Add TODO regarding layout.
Title this not just as mlinksva.
First version of page
Note two ways to get involved.
https is now working.
Remove SVG file b/c no one likes them, apparently.
Add TODO about code listings.
Add bottom padding.
Do not force this padding.
Can this go in footer?
Remove image of CC-By-SA.
I think white background will look better.
I think that this was spurious. I'll find out.
See if I can get hover/focus colors working.
Perhaps this will look better this way.
close image tag.
Close SVG tag this way.
bad discussion link
delete fixed item, add couple, replies
Double close tag was incorrect.
Make sure shortcut icon is here.
More details on this fix.
Can't use HTML entities in CSS content, apparently
Move breadcrumb setup to our local CSS
Fix variable and put Wiki Path in right place.
use rarr instead of /
Fix breadcrumb links to be clearer.
Ask question back to mike, add hr's.
I think this is fixed now.
Won't fix item.
I can't figure out how to do sublits.
Remove line
Fix sublist.
Merge branch 'master' of
Note back to mlinksva on this.
gitorious link