Saturday, 2020-10-17

pabs3adlai: FTR, you left just before this message on #conservancy: <bkuhn> Karen and I gave a talk on building additional permissions to create new licensing built on existing ones at OSI's conference … there were some audio issues with the reencoding OSI did at the end but the content is here.00:13
adlaithank you for relaying, pabs300:15
adlaimy inner paralegal is having trouble with this clause:01:21
adlai"copyleft advocates usually find copyleft enforcement efforts focused on extract alternative proprietary licenses distasteful"01:21
* adlai copied from 13.3 of
* adlai wonders how much a glossary weighs, since the internet has never been less helpful01:23
adlaivolume three (the case studies) oughtta be good reading, until I recover sufficient patience to continue reading normative legalese01:26
pabs3adlai: the phrase means that the purpose of copyleft is to promote software freedom, when people use it to promote proprietary software, copyleft advocates are sad01:31
adlaiwhat's the word "extract" doing there?01:32
* adlai first parsed it as an adjective, although perhaps an "-ing" suffix fell between the copyeditors01:32
adlaimy reflex, as a student of the omerta school of language, is to just delete that word from the sentence.01:33
pabs3I think -ing is missing indeed01:34
* adlai once got angry at a mathematics textbook that contained the same paragraph twice, in separate chapters, although you can't exactly blame an author for eating their own copypasta, can you?01:36
adlaiI wonder what's a reasonable amount of time to allocate for finding a copy of the GPL on this computer, before I throw a book at a wall and use the Internet to find a fresh one.01:41
adlai(according to package metadata, there should be anywhere between one and several hundred copies on this disk)01:42
* adlai found01:46
adlairegrettably, it is likely to be much less amusing reading material than the case studies01:47
* adlai starts from GPL version 3, and will proceed by some intertextual variant of the fractional brownian motion01:48
* adlai hopes to finish this quest before death, although remain lurking in this channel in case other conversations are pertinent01:49
* adlai tables the draft of the angry letter to the authors of, with great sadness, because it is much more fun to join a campaign to kill an industry than to choose a copypasta for some crappy throwaway code that turned out to be useful.01:53
* adlai originally placed the throwaway code in the public domain... a naive mistake of the kind that leads directly to the current paranoia.01:55
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