Wednesday, 2020-02-19

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grywhat is the shortest, most robust copyleft licence?23:08
bkuhnNot sure what you mean by "robust" in this context.23:13
bkuhnif you mean, "sure to protect your software freedom", that's going to be a trade-off with brevity.  Non-copyleft licenses are shorter because they have "less work" to do as they don't go to effort to assure software freedom downstream.23:14
gryis gnu gpl the only licence in the world which assures software freedom downstream?23:22
bkuhnOnly a strong copyleft license attempts to assure that.  GPL is one form of a strong copyleft license.23:25
bkuhnIt's the canonical example, certainly.23:25
bkuhnI think copyleft-next does a pretty good job too.23:25
bkuhnRemember that copyleft doesn't grant certainty -- copyleft licenses have to be enforced to succeed.23:25
bkuhnso how enforcement and how successful enforcement is likely to be are also factors on whether or not software freedom is assured.23:26
grywhat other strongly copyleft licences exist, other than the gpl?23:26
bkuhnOther than the GPL itself, or the GPL family?23:26
bkuhnbesides GPL family, there's copyleft-next, the old sleepcat license is basically a strong copyleft (although it was designed for proprietary relicensing and therefore really wasn't designed for software freedom assurance), some argue that the EPL is a strong copyleft, although I think that's debatable.23:28
gryother than the GPL family23:28
yrkgry: a list of free software licenses, some of which are copyleft:
grywhy are you linking to the "incompatible licences" section here?23:31
bkuhnIt's typical that two copyleft licenses that approach copyleft from a different method are highly likely to be incompatible with other copyleft licenses.23:32
bkuhnIt's sort of the *point* of copyleft: the goal of copyleft of course is to make the license "incompatible" with proprietary licensing, so a strong copyleft license requires a term that says something like: "works based on this must be under this license [ and only this license]"23:33
bkuhn... when a license says that, it's really tough to make other licenses compatible.23:33
bkuhntypically different copyleft licenses are made compatible with each other by dual licensing.23:33
bkuhn"made compatible" should be in quotes -- dual licensing uses a meta-license to give downstream a choice between two copylefts or to continue the choice further downstream.23:34
grythe only one which seems copyleft is
gryin that lsit23:40

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