Thursday, 2019-10-17

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gryis there a copyleft software directory?00:48
jrmuare you looking for a directory of all free software gry ?01:05
gryno, only all copyleft01:05
gryit is a smaller set than all free01:05
jrmuI'm interested in compiling it on our wiki01:05
jrmuI don't think there exists a decent version out there01:05
jrmuI know some decent compilations01:06
jrmulet me grab some for you, one sec01:06
jrmuis there anything specific you are looking for?01:06
jrmugenerally though the best software tends to be permissive licensed, GPL software tends to be of very bad quality01:08
jrmubut we can curate two lists, one copyleft and one permissive, so people have choice01:08
bkuhnjrmu: that's a strange statement about "generally though the best software tends to be permissive licensed, GPL software tends to be of very bad quality"01:16
bkuhnI don't generally find that.01:16
bkuhnI generally find that *all* software tends to be of poor quality and need improvements. ;)01:17
bkuhnand that it's more likely and easier to get improvements done to copylefted software. ;)01:17
jrmuI would be very interested in compiling some better foss lists01:17
jrmuThese lists are poorly organized, the licenses are often not clear01:17
bkuhnyeah, probably beyond the scope of this particular project, but I agree with you, finding a good list of Free Software applications is sometimes difficult.01:17
jrmuwe need a list to end all lists =)01:18
bkuhnThe Debian archive is a good place to start,01:18
bkuhnparticularly because Debian vets the licenses of projects before they are allowed in main.01:18
jrmucan you post the URL? or are you referring to the entire repo01:18
bkuhnso anything in Debian "main" has been checked by someone.01:18
jrmubecause the debian repo is too massive and there is too much trashy stuff in there01:18
bkuhnbut again, probably beyond the scope of a copyleft education project, which this one is. :)01:18
bkuhnYeah, Debian main is certainly not a curated list of "the best Free Software available".01:18
jrmuAnother one that might be worth looking into is:
jrmualthough I find their recommendations generally very bad01:19
bkuhnOur goal here, although our project here has been dormant for a while, is to teach make materials that help teach people how copyleft works.01:19
bkuhns/teach make/make/01:19
gryhi bkuhn01:27
grythere is, but it is not all copyleft01:28
bkuhnYes, I don't think there is a substantial value in listing only copyleft software in a directory, but instead having various directories and/or other places to find all known Free Software.01:28
jrmuWhat I think would be a perfect solution is to give the user the ability to sort based on license01:29
bkuhnAnd this project definitely isn't about listing copyleft-only projects, but rather about building tutorial materials about copyleft itself.01:29
bkuhnSo, while I appreciate what you all want to do, it's off topic for this channel.  The channel is pretty quiet, so you're welcome to discuss this here if it's useful for the day, but if you are going to start such a project, it might make sense to register a new channel.01:29
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