Saturday, 2019-10-05

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jrmuGreetings, Khan Academy's videos are licensed CC-NC-SA, and I want to check if my usage is considered "non-commercial". We are running a for-profit business but we plan to offer the videos free of charge for the entire public, with no advertising besides perhaps our company's logo at the header of the page. Is that considered "non-commercial"?13:05
yrkjrmu: why not write in directly to khan academy and ask?13:51
jrmuyeah i might13:51
jrmui think what we're doing is legal13:52
jrmubut incidentally, i find it very difficult to get their videos13:52
jrmuapart from scraping youtube but that might get me banned13:52
yrkjrmu: since you are a for-profit, it would make sense to offer them financial support in return for your use of their work13:53
jrmuwell, depends, i mean we're doing it open source too, and we don't plan to make any money from it13:55
jrmumore open than they are, and I'm working without a salary atm13:55
jrmuour software stack/protocols would all be open, and videos would be BSD-licensed rather than their more restrictive CC licenses13:55
yrkjrmu: so... a for-profit that doesn't plan to make any money?13:55
jrmuby 'for-profit' i meant i'm hoping to earn a salary from it, not that i'm even incorporated atm13:55
yrkjrmu: ah13:56
jrmubut right now making $0 and spending quite a bit on server hosting13:56
yrkjrmu: I've been there for sure. in any case, since they are the copyright holders, you should definitely reach out to them about it and understand their interpretation of their licensing choices13:57
yrkjrmu: good luck on your endeavors13:57
jrmuYeah, it's a good idea, I'll try to do it, thanks for your help yrk13:57
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