Saturday, 2019-05-25

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skidd0hello. Is there a generic license for copyleft protections on music?22:31
pabs3skidd0: I think the options are GPL or CC-BY-SA, the latter isn't really a proper copyleft because it doesn't force source distribution, but for music you might also want to allow sampling without source distribution22:58
pabs3skidd0: I'm interested to find out what the source form is for the music you want to copyleft22:59
skidd0well it's not really source or code. I just want to make sure people are free to sample/cover/distribute my music so long as any new content is also free to sample/cover/etc23:02
pabs3skidd0: non-code can have source forms, even music, I believe there is also music created solely algorithmically23:15
pabs3I suggest CC-BY-SA for your purposes23:15
skidd0thank you, i will look into that23:19
skidd0that looks like what i'm looking for23:37
skidd0thank you very much, pabs323:38
pabs3no worries :)23:51
pabs3skidd0: what kind of music do you make btw?23:51
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