Saturday, 2018-11-03

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bkuhnkate_long: you had some questions that you wanted answered.  What were they?11:17
kate_longbkuhn: I had some styles not loading in the HTML version of my local build. Are they some additional steps I have to follow to get all the styling locally as with the version online?11:34
bkuhnkate_long: the HTML build is a bit wonky, I was hoping perhaps the Outreachy student could figure out how to get the HTML to render locally.11:41
bkuhnI admit that I haven't looked at it in a while.11:42
bkuhnCan you tell me what specific problem you're seeing and what you've tried to fix it?11:42
bkuhn(And, BTW, I apologize that I was not more responsive during the application period.  I got very ill for many of the days during that period)11:44
bkuhnkate_long: did you ultimately submit an application by October 30th?11:44
kate_longbkuhn: Sorry about your health. Yes I did submit an application. Hoping to get selected11:46
bkuhnkate_long: I appreciate it, I do see your application in the system.11:46
bkuhnI will review it in detail this week.11:46
kate_longok thanks11:46
bkuhnMeanwhile, can you tell me what specific problem you uncovered about trying to view the HTML locally (i.e., what problem do you observ it )and what you tried to fix it ?11:47
bkuhn(I am not surprised there are problems there, I recall there being many, but curious to learn about your analysis of it and what you discovered011:47
kate_longbkuhn: let me draft that out in an email with screenshots11:47
kate_longwill that be fine?11:47
bkuhnyes, just post it ot the list.11:50
kate_longbkuhn: I just sent an email to the list with details about the problem I am encountering with the web version of the local build. Let me know your thoughts if there is a workaround the same12:22
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