Friday, 2018-10-26

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kate_longjohnsu01: I am now on the chat. Thanks for the heads up!07:35
kate_longbkuhn, after building the copyleft guide as per the build instructions, I do not still get the style for the HTML build to load locally as I see on I tried to add my own custom css to the html build but the formatting got worst. Are there some extras I have to install to get things working locally as I see online??07:42
pabs3I suggest trying the browser developer tools to debug this. probably the network tab will help. the F12 key usually brings up the dev tools in most browsers07:52
kate_longpabs3: from the browser developer tools analysis, seems the online css files are different from the ones I have on my local build08:40
kate_longI don't have some some style files loading. for example boostrap.css, local.css, jquery and png files08:47
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