Wednesday, 2018-03-28

pabs3furrymcgee: GPL would be an example of strong copyleft, which draws the boundaries of copyleft at "the work"01:06
pabs3furrymcgee: while CDDL would be an example of weak copyleft, CDDL draws the boundaries of copyleft at the CDDL-licensed files01:07
pabs3not sure what you mean by friendly/unfriendly, where in the guide do you see those?01:07
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furrymcgeepabs3: there is no weak or strong copyright so i wouldnt say weak or strong copyleft16:20
furrymcgeemaybe its better to call it a weak or strong license16:20
furrymcgeethe preface mentions a "unfriendly" business model of proprietary relicensing i guess16:36
furrymcgeein my opinion a strong license should have the power prevent this relicensing16:36
bkuhnThey are orthogonal issues, mostly.  copyleft-next had the idea of auto-evaporation of copyleft if proprietary relicensing is attempted.  It's an interesting idea.16:41

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