Sunday, 2017-04-02

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hvxgrSo I modified this simple script which has a copyright but no license. May I add a GPL 3 or newer  license to the new version (20% swapped out code), assuming I credit the original author?16:04
hvxgrI may want to package it w/other scripts I share out.16:23
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pabs3hvxgr: no license grant means you have no permission to do anything with the script, except maybe download it. I don't think you can even locally modify it legally20:11
pabs3hvxgr: personally, I think it looks pretty ugly and would suggest rewriting it using something like
hvxgrpabs3: Thanks.  Good to know about the law.  I got the script to do what I want - I'll just not share or eventually re-write from scratch (I assume author will not respond).  Nothing against python, and I will look at that code u link to, but I'm invested in perl.20:37
pabs3ah, should be easy to rewrite it in perl too I guess20:38
ollyhvxgr: why do you assume the author won't respond?20:39
hvxgrSo I learn something about copyleft, let's assume the author does agree to republish the script under GPL3 with his copyright.  If I change the code, do I also get copyrights (assume the changes are significant).  So would I be able to update the code, add an additional copyright line for myself, and then package the code with other tools?  What is my obligation to the original copyright owner under GPL3?  I did read the license (years ago).20:42
hvxgrolly: Your right, I should not assume that - but it's fairly minor work, and it is old, and his website is somewhat dormant.  If I make an effort (possibly nagging a bit), I can probably get a response.20:44
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