Friday, 2016-11-04

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iraSo what is the current state of the GPLv3 vs. OpenSSL issue? :)15:22
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bill-augeri added an article draft to the libreplanet wiki regarding the OpenSSL<->GPL incompatibility debate as a guide to help others decide how to handle this and similar licencing conflicts that may arise - - it includes everything i could find that is informative on the topic if you are interested to learn about the debate surrounding the conflict - better yet if15:23
bill-auger you are knowlegable about the issue - the available data is sparse so there are many questions and yet little advice - please do read it, add to it, correct it, or leave you comments15:23
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bkuhnbill-auger: Yeah, as I was saying on other channels...15:45
bkuhn... I think writing up something for the guide would be great.15:45
bkuhnand you could even start a patch with what you wrote15:45
bkuhnand ask for comments on the list15:45
bkuhnothers might help15:45
bill-augeryes i agree would be a better place for it eventually - wiki articles are no so easy to find - but that is one place i could publish immediatey that allows anyone to comment easily15:49
bkuhnyeah, but like I said,15:53
bkuhnwe don't need things to be perfect to be proposed15:54
bkuhnit can be a patchset that you get feedback on and keep updating15:54
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