Tuesday, 2016-10-25

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bkuhnbcotton: I just gave donald3 and you commit to the repository.  Don't step on each other's toes.16:41
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bkuhndonaldr3: I also gave bcotton commit, who also offered to merge in somethings16:46
donaldr3bkuhn: great16:49
bkuhnI think everything that's pending is either a pull request on https://k.copyleft.org/guide/pull-request *or* is a patch set in the email archives at https://lists.copyleft.org/pipermail/discuss/2016q3/thread.html16:50
donaldr3ah, the plot thickens16:51
bkuhnwell, don't feel obligated to deal with all of that16:52
bkuhnfeel free to cherry-pick (either in the Git sense  or the mundane figurative sense) those changes you'd like to merge.16:52
bkuhnI *think* the buildbot is working again, so anything you put on master branch becomes official.16:52
bkuhnI encourage you to use next branch for anything that isn't typo fixes and the like.16:53
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