Wednesday, 2016-09-28

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bkuhnhi, karen_11:40
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donaldr3bkuhn: hello11:59
donaldr3bkuhn: you in the air?12:00
bkuhnI am indeed in the (rough) air.12:02
bkuhnbut connection seems livable12:02
bkuhnI can definitely have a mtg.12:02
bkuhn :)12:02
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bkuhnMy typing may be a bit off due ot the turbulence. :)12:03
bkuhn(And what's the deal with calling turbulence, "rough air.")12:03
donaldr3so on, I recall there was some work that needed to be done before we could open up the meetings12:04
donaldr3but perhaps that's already been sorted? it was quite some time ago when we discussed it12:05
bkuhnWell, my feeling was that having public meetings with all the merge requests pending was just going to invite "WHY IS MY MERGE REQUEST PENDING?"12:07
bkuhnbut maybe it won't do that. :)12:08
donaldr3public as in the mailing list or public as in everyone?12:08
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bkuhnpublic as per this channel.12:13
bkuhnBut let's focus on the non-document stuff12:13
bkuhnfor now....12:13
bkuhndonaldr3: is the FSF still wanting to do a CLE?12:13
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donaldr3bkuhn: yes, things are in a bit of holding pattern atm12:13
donaldr3as we sort out hiring a new copyright adm12:13
donaldr3but the plan is still to put on an event in SF in the spring12:14
bkuhnOk, so we have a tutorial at LCA 2017.12:14
bkuhnso this wil require devloping a bit more material.12:14
donaldr3bkuhn: yes, we want to do a full day event, so it will be a bit longer than our previous session12:16
bkuhnI think that's doable for both me and karen. I think Karen is disconnected right now, but I can probably speak for her on this.12:17
donaldr3bkuhn: yes, and we'd like to invite some other speakers as well12:23
donaldr3particularly we were talking about having a panel session at the end12:23
donaldr3but I still have my next steps on the docket from our previous meeting12:25
donaldr3with not much progress to report12:26
donaldr3things have been a bit hectic trying to fill in the gaps left by josh leaving12:26
bkuhnYes, I undrstand completely.12:30
bkuhnKaren and I remain available12:30
bkuhnWe're going to develop material for the LCA 2017 tutorial.12:30
bkuhnSo we should have some stuff easily available12:30
bkuhnand we look forward12:30
bkuhnto it.12:30
donaldr3that is great12:31
donaldr3lca is Linux con Australia? in January?12:33
bkuhn(sorry, I'm lagging because I keep being disconnected.... gogo gave me a free pass for the problems, FWIW :)12:36
donaldr3bkuhn: I think the only thing left to discuss is getting a meeting set to invite volunteers to help on copyleft.org12:38
bkuhnYeah, we should do that.... I need toschedule time todo the merge requests12:39
bkuhnI think December is the only realistic deadline I can commit to for that.12:39
donaldr3alright, is there work I can do to make that easier?12:39
bkuhnit's up to you, do you want to do some of the merge requests?12:41
donaldr3bkuhn: I can probably help with that, especially on a timeline of between now and december12:43
bkuhnIt's up to you... take a  look at    ... I'm fine to give your SSH key auth to push to master if you want to merge a few of these in.12:49
donaldr3bkuhn: hm, not too many, yeah if you can get me set I can pick away at these12:53
bkuhnyou should be able to add an SSH key to your account, let me know when you've done so and I'll give you push access to master13:00
donaldr3bkuhn: awesome, thanks13:03
donaldr3bkuhn: with that I'm heading off to lunch13:03
donaldr3bkuhn: thanks for taking the time to chat with me during your bumpy flight13:03
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bkuhnSorry, the connecdtivity was really bad on this flight.13:44
bkuhnLet me know when you added your SSH key, and I'll give you master push access.13:44
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