Tuesday, 2016-08-16

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bkuhnbcotton: still awake?  It's very late in your time zone. :)05:04
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bcottonbkuhn: well i was, in fact, awake, but i was trying so hard not to be :-)09:16
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bcottonthis markdown-vs-asciidoc thread is well-timed. a colleague recently asked me about an article comparing sphinx to markdown and i was going to write a blog post about it. now i have even more to build from09:37
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bkuhnbcotton: well, spinx just uses restructred text, no?10:10
bcottonyeah. it's a conversion engine for ReST basically10:11
bcottoniirc it has a few sphinxisms, but the docs are in ReST10:12
bcottonas you might expect from a python tool, it's very whitespace sensitive :-(10:12
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bkuhnYeah, and I think it's not well known outside of the Python community10:20
bcottonprobably not. for me, it's the anti-goldilocks: too complicated to have the simplicity of markdown, not rich enough to have the power of docbook or asciidoc (or latex)10:21
bcottonbut it's what we already have at work, so until we hire a tech writer, i have more important battles to fight with the devs :-)10:22
bkuhnbcotton: you really think asciidoc has a lot of power?  If you can explain that on a mailing list post, I'd much appreciate10:33
bcottoni do. did you see my reply this morning?10:34
bkuhnno not yet.  I'm as usual 24 hrs behind on email.:)10:37
bcottonokay, cool. i expanded on that a bit, but i can give a lengthier answer if it doesn't satiate you11:03
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bkuhnbcotton: I want to make the decision via consensus, if you're sure about asciidoc that carries a lot of weight, I will probably study your email in detail  on my flight on Thur11:12
bcottonbkuhn: i haven't used AsciiDoc, but from what i can tell from the documentation and using similar languages i think it's the right choice for us11:17
bcottonso weight that how you will11:17
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enystIs there still an irc meeting on 19th?19:26
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