Thursday, 2016-08-04

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donaldr3bkuhn: karen hello12:00
donaldr3karen: bkuhn sorry things have been jumbled up a bit of late12:01
karenhi donaldr3!12:01
donaldr3bkuhn: karen you may have heard that jgay has left the fsf12:02
karendonaldr3, do you want to delay this discussion?12:02
donaldr3bkuhn: karen and given some of the scheduling issues for the fall, the plan is to push back the CLE12:03
donaldr3bkuhn: karen to probably happen in the spring12:03
donaldr3bkuhn: karen we could possibly do like we did with the first one, having it tag along with LibrePlanet12:04
donaldr3bkuhn: karen how did you guys feel about that set up the last time around?12:05
karendonaldr3: the thing is that massachussetts lawyers don't need CLE credits12:05
karenso doing it in another state might make sense12:05
bkuhnI think the setup last time was ok for a first try, but there was  lot that needs improved.12:05
karenesecially along with a conference that may be in itself drawing lawyers from elsewhere12:06
bkuhnsorry very Baltimore of me "needs fixin'" is not proper grammar. :)12:06
karenmy hesitation was more that it was the usual suspects12:06
donaldr3karen: good point12:06
karenI think the bay area would make a lot of sense tbh12:07
bkuhnYeah, I think it should be in the San Francisco Bay Area.12:07
bkuhnthat's where most of these lawyers all, and all the CA ones need CLE.12:07
donaldr3haha, nice, I'd like to do it there as well12:07
bkuhnFSF historically did them in NY and San Francisco.12:07
bkuhnbecause that's where the highest concentration of lawyers who needed CLE who work in this area are.12:07
donaldr3so the hope going forward is that we make these a regular thing again12:08
donaldr3bkuhn: how frequently did you hold them back in the day, would you say?12:08
bkuhnit's hard for me to remember, but the records should be floating around FSF.12:09
bkuhnI could look at my old trip file maybe12:09
donaldr3bkuhn: if its a quick search feel free to take a look but I'll look into it over here as well12:10
donaldr3SF was the original goal for it in October, so I think pinpointing it for the spring would make sense12:10
donaldr3I can look into other events going on in the area to see if we can find one that would be drawing in more lawyers in the field12:11
* bkuhn looks at his old trip file12:11
donaldr3bkuhn: you had mentioned some 'needs fixin', I think we got some feedback at the time12:12
donaldr3bkuhn: but if you (or karen) have more thoughts it would be helpful to get those in place12:12
bkuhnYeah, I think generally we need a lot of promotion.12:13
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donaldr3bkuhn: yes, I think our normal channels for promoting events probably don't hit as many lawyers as we'd like12:13
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bkuhnHere's one we did: 2004-01-19 through 2004-01-23: New York, NY, USA12:14
donaldr3we have some more options in terms of lawyer focused mailing lists12:15
donaldr34 days? hm12:15
bkuhnI don't seem to have the ones in San Francisco in my trip file12:15
bkuhndonaldr3: haha, no12:15
bkuhnthat was just teh days I was in NYHC12:15
karencollab summit would be a good colocation but not if it's in tahoe again12:15
bkuhnMy file says: Conference: LinuxWorld, GPL Seminar12:15
karen(they haven't announced it yet)12:15
bkuhnso I probably went to LinuxWorld then the GPL Seminar after12:15
* fontana wishes collab summit would return to SF12:16
donaldr3bkuhn: that makes more sense12:16
donaldr3karen: that looks like a good one, but it might collide with LP depending on the dates12:17
bkuhnfontana: haha, what do I care?  I'm not invited there anymore.  Only person in Collab Summit history who organized a track one year and wasn't invited the next. :)12:17
karendonaldr3, it hasn't in the past, but I agree it could12:17
karenthere are a lot of unknowns there anyway12:17
karenlike location :)12:17
fontanabkuhn: I don't think I was invited the year after we organized that track but I can't remember12:18
donaldr3karen: right, I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of up in the air items12:19
fontanaI do remember that it was a disturbing experience organizing the track and seeing how membership level at LF Influenced talk submission acceptances12:19
bkuhndonaldr3: so, I don't have any more in my trip file, but there's:
bkuhnthat's the NY one12:19
donaldr3karen: when looking that far into the future12:19
donaldr3bkuhn: karen if there are other potential speakers I may not be familiar with, an introduction would be helpful12:21
donaldr3we want to do a full day event, and have some ideas in mind, but more candidates the beter ;)12:22
bkuhnfontana: are you interested in teaching a CLE class organized by FSF?12:24
fontanabkuhn: Possibly, yes12:24
bkuhndonaldr3: so there's one possibility. :)12:24
donaldr3bkuhn: he's already on the list ;)12:25
* fontana introduces himself to donaldr312:25
bkuhndonaldr3: so, looking through old emails, I think we did two CLEs in San Francisco and 2 in NYC12:27
bkuhnin the old days12:27
donaldr3bkuhn: ok, the idea josh and I had was to try and do one on each coast a year12:27
donaldr3bkuhn: that might be a bit ambitious, given things as they are now12:28
donaldr3bkuhn: but it's a good long-term goal12:29
bkuhnI think it's fine, I think both Karen and are willing to participate twice per year, I think karen might want co-branding12:29
bkuhn(with Conservancy)12:30
donaldr3bkuhn: hm, I thought our last one was co-branded but I guess I'm misremembering12:31
donaldr3bkuhn: karen But I'll look into why that wasn't the case; it makes sense after all12:33
karensorry reading12:34
bkuhnYeah, I think it wasn't really an issue for us then, we didn't push for it.  We're not annoyed or anything about it.12:34
bkuhnBut I think we do want co-branded FSF and Conservancy going forward12:34
karendonaldr3, I'm happy to introduce you to anyone :)12:35
donaldr3karen: great!12:35
donaldr3bkuhn: karen so my next action items on this are: look at better lawyer focused promotion, find events we could piggy-back on and find dates, look into co-branding with conservancy12:37
karensounds good donaldr3!12:37
donaldr3bkuhn: karen and for you guys, I'd ask that you think about other speakers you think would make a good addition12:38
donaldr3fontana: you can join in on that as well ;)12:38
donaldr3bkuhn: karen for, can we try to have that first low-key meeting next thursday, at this same time?12:39
donaldr3bkuhn: karen and I promise to get the invites out in a reasonable manner12:39
donaldr3bkuhn: karen oh, also if you had more feedback feel free to share it on the email thread12:41
bkuhnOk, I can't really make a meeting next week as I'm keynoting GUADEC12:50
bkuhntwo weeks should work, if it's later in the day12:50
donaldr3bkuhn: so the 18th of august, at like 3:00 pm EDT?12:51
karenaugust 18 works for me donaldr312:53
donaldr3karen: great!12:54
bkuhn3pm EDT isa bit early for me12:54
bkuhnmy flight lands 11:17 US/Pacific12:55
bkuhnso I might not be home until like 4PM EDT12:55
karenlater is fine for me12:55
bkuhnyou wanted to do earlier12:55
bkuhnI could duck aside at airport12:55
karenwell actually, it's tough for after 5pm12:55
bkuhnso if you were ok with me maybe not showing due to delay12:55
karenwhy don't we do it on another day though?12:55
bkuhnWe coudl go for say 11:30 US/Pacific12:55
bkuhnit's really up to donaldr312:56
donaldr3bkuhn: no that's fine, we could do 5pm EDT12:56
karendonaldr3, what I meant was that its' tough for me to work after 5pm EDT12:57
* bkuhn checks if his flight has network12:57
donaldr3karen: ah, I see12:57
karenusually I work from 7:30pm - 10:30pm eastern too, but that day may be harder for a number of reasons12:57
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bkuhnso, I just checked, my flight claims  to have network12:58
bkuhnso I could do any time before 10:15 US/Eastern12:58
bkuhnI'll be awake on the flight and working, coming from EU/Central time zone12:58
bkuhnso I say let's tentatively schedule for finishing by 10:15 US/Eastern (any time in there is fine)12:59
bkuhnand if for some reason network doesn't work on flight12:59
bkuhnwe go for 11:35 US/Eastern12:59
bkuhner sorry12:59
bkuhnthat's all US/pacific12:59
karenwell bkuhn, wasn't the point to invite others?12:59
karenso it's hard to change the tikme at the last minute12:59
bkuhnso, basically sometime in US/Pacific morning, but not 10:15-11:35 US/Pacific12:59
karenI mean I'm not sure12:59
bkuhnyeah, it's true12:59
karenbut donaldr3 can say for sure :)13:00
donaldr3we could bump it to friday the 19th?13:00
karenfriday the 19th sorks for me13:00
bkuhnthat's ok for me I think13:00
karenworks, even13:00
* karen sorks in a corner13:00
donaldr3could we do it at 11am eastern?13:01
donaldr3I have to run the FS directory meetings now at noon on fridays13:01
karenworks for me donaldr313:02
bkuhn11AM US/Eastern is fine13:02
karenok, it's in my calendar!13:03
donaldr3bkuhn: karen thanks, great13:04
donaldr3bkuhn: karen thanks for meeting with me and helping get the CLE on the right track13:05
karenthank you donaldr3!13:05
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