Wednesday, 2016-07-20

bkuhnSorry about being down... I think I found a bug in Kallithea that I'm going to need to report...12:52
bkuhn... the session cache directory got so many files in it, it was beyond the limit of number of files in a directory, it seems.12:53
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bkuhnAnyway, is back up12:54
donaldr3bkuhn: nice12:55
jgaybkuhn, nice. So it looks like we will hopefully be ready for a IRC meetup12:55
bkuhnYeah, regarding announcing it publicly, I think we should wait on that.12:57
bkuhnAt this point, we have a lot of patches unmerged.12:57
bkuhnwe should probably talk about logistics of people we know will show up.12:57
bkuhnThe only person I want to make sure is here is bencotton, who's not online right now12:57
bkuhnbecause he specifically volunteered.12:57
bkuhnbut if we have a bunch of people show up, we won't have anything ready for them to do .12:57
bkuhnso it's kinda a loss, ben already volunteered, knows that we have pending work, and wants to help12:58
bkuhnso it's worth making sure he can make it.12:58
bkuhnand obviously anyone who idles here is welcome12:58
bkuhnsince they're familiar with the project, and that it's more-or-less stalled at the moment12:58
jgayOK, cool. That makes sense. It's good to know where we are would be starting with this. And, I think you are right, an announcement would likely lead to a lot of initial enthusiasm and people showing-up12:59
bkuhnDoes that sound wrong to anyone?  jgay, donaldr3, karen, keynote2k ?12:59
bkuhnIf we do any non-meta work at all, we should just try to merge in the patches we have.12:59
bkuhnBen wanted to do some of that.12:59
bkuhnso can someone take action to follow up with Ben?12:59
bkuhn(when he's online again12:59
donaldr3no I think that makes sense given the stateof things13:00
jgaybkuhn, so one approach that has worked well with our licensing work, both in general (via rt, etc) and is a focus on mentors and specifically helping people who want to be mentors.13:01
bkuhnyeah, I think as a long term that's a good idea.  Let's put discussing how we port that model to at the mtg.13:02
bkuhnjgay: also, feel free to post details of the meeting to the copyleft org mailing list too.13:02
bkuhnAgain, not trying to hide it, I just don't want to invite anyone who is not already shown an interest (yet).13:03
jgaybkuhn, OK cool. It sounds like an agenda of helping people like Ben get started on being able to help merge patches makes sense. We can email mailing list and we can also email our licensing-team list.13:03
bkuhni.e., a press release is a bad idea13:03
jgaydonaldr3, do we have the attendance list in civicrm from people who came to the FSF 30th event?13:03
bkuhnlicensing-team is just a few people, right?13:03
jgaybkuhn, yeah13:04
bkuhnok, those two lists (existing copyleft-org mailing list and your licensing-team), makes sense for invites.  More than that, I think it's too much for a first meeting where we are just picking up a stalled project.13:04
jgaybkuhn, ok great. That makes sense. We can explan the goals of the initial email too that we want to basically starting doing the work necessary to pave th eway to allow for attracting more contributors13:11
jgayI'm going to grab lunch but I think donald is here if htere is more to discuss. Thanks13:11
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