Friday, 2015-10-16

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bcotton_bkuhn: have i missed instructions somewhere on how to create an account on i ostensibly have an account (bcotton), but it tells me my account is disabled12:27
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bkuhnbcotton: I have to enable them, I'm sorry.12:29
bkuhnit's a mess over there on the account creatino thing.12:29
bkuhnI'll do it shortly.12:29
bcottonno problem, i just wanted to make sure i hadn't mortally offended you or something :-)12:30
bkuhnNo, not at all12:36
bcottongive me time, i'm sure i will12:36
bcottonbut i figured my flight to ATO this weekend would be a good, semi-distraction-free chance to actually try to do some work on the guide finally12:37
bkuhnthe problem is the site doesn't generate email12:58
bcottonah, yeah, i can see how that would make life difficult12:59
bkuhnit's supposed to13:00
bkuhnI have to figure out what's wrong13:00
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