Monday, 2015-05-04

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johnsu01bkuhnIdle: can you enable my johns account on when you get a chance?17:02
bkuhnjohnsu01: I think it's enabled already, but I may have fogotten to send you the password?17:02
bkuhnjohnsu01: Actually, it wasn't.  I did accounts for everyone who had patches pending, but you didn't, so I see you just created the account, and I think I enabled it, is it working?17:08
johnsu01I fixed the gitorious links on the front page of the wiki17:11
johnsu01they now point to the right places on k (I think)17:11
bkuhnjohnsu01: actually, I had a patch related to that I just realized I hadn't pushed.17:12
bkuhnSorry about that, but can you rebase before you do a pull request?17:12
johnsu01bkuhnIdle: I just did it through the web interface, unrelated to the k account17:12
bkuhnactually, johnsu01, if you didn't change or README.md17:12
bkuhn... a pull request should be fine.17:13
johnsu01no I didn't, just front page of copyleft.org17:13
bkuhnoh, right, I haven't put wiki repository on k  yet17:13
bkuhnthat's more complicated17:13
bkuhnso, yes, using the web interface is right.17:13
johnsu01I logged in with the k account and it worked, thanks17:14
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bkuhnI just added this, which clarifies some confusion we'd gotten about this issue recently:
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