Monday, 2015-03-30

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kill_switchhey, if a service claims to run Free Software only on the server but don't provide any software names, copyright notices or source code infact not even a privacy policy, isn't that a obvious violation?01:37
pehjotakill_switch: A license violation?  Only if the license is the GNU AGPL and the software is modified.01:38
kill_switchpehjota, but for example Openmailbox is getting credit for running Free Software explicitly without any code/names of program/privacy policy/license notices nothing?01:40
kill_switchwho is that even remotely Free Software? Where as we would even point out a single icon's license and make the whole software non-free?01:40
kill_switchbecause it is01:40
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ollyi can't see them getting much credit with the claim I see on
ollytake it up with the FSF then02:04
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kill_switcholly, I was just wondering if we can take up any actions if someone claims but never comply02:07
ollywhat exactly aren't they complying with?02:07
kill_switchif its Free Software, name it, put copyright notices, where is the source of what you are running?02:08
kill_switchwhere is the privacy policy? <-- since is a separate issue altogether02:08
ollythat would be better, but not doing that isn't a compliance issue unless the licence of the software requires it02:08
ollyfwiw, i don't see that on mailoo either, though my french isn't great so I may be missing it02:09
kill_switcholly, see here
ollyhow's that connected to mailoo?02:11
kill_switch see here02:11
kill_switcholly, I am showing you who all comply02:12
ollysure, I understand what you'd like them to do02:13
pehjota"Comply", with LibreJS you mean?  That's not a license compliance issue; that's a license metadata issue.02:13
kill_switcholly, I am saying a lot of people are attracted to his new Word that magically makes everything secure "Free Software"02:14
kill_switchbut when the providers don't comply with the very core of Free Software Ethics or Code, it just ain't right02:14
kill_switchpehjota, no I want to see the code and name of softwares, and JS licenses and code and privacy policy (highly ethical not to have one)02:15
kill_switchalso pehjota if roudcube is fully open it is LibreJS's fault then I am enquiring into it02:19
pehjotakill_switch: LibreJS can't know that a JS program is free software unless the authors add license metadata to it identifying it as such.02:20
kill_switchpehjota, that is complete fault of LibreJS, if I were a developer I would ethically release the code since If I did my job on windows or OSX but how would I magically know that there is a complete standard called libreJS is not even followed by close relatives to FSF02:22
kill_switchLibreJS has to see if there is obfuscated code and not, and not the license, now imagine if I license my JS under Microsoft License or Apple license but the script is fully open and ethical, what is the problem?02:23
pehjotaPlease read the LibreJS documentation.  There's a list of accepted licenses and a couple ways for developers to mark their scripts as free software.02:24
pehjotaAnd LibreJS automatically detects trivial scripts as free.02:25
kill_switchthis is being blocked by LibreJS02:28
pehjotaProbably because it doesn't have a @source tag.  LibreJS should tell you why it's blocking it.02:31
kill_switchNONTRIVIAL: innerHTML identifier02:32
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