Friday, 2015-02-06

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hellekin(following my puzzlement at on #fsf) I read something about the necessity to provide source code to people asking for it, but as long as the source code is held in the public space, users can access it at no cost for the distributor, right?18:14
hellekinI vaguely recall reading something precisly about that point some days ago on
bkuhnhellekin: your question is a bit too jumbled for me to give you a clear answer, sorry. and and are probably the sections of the Guide most relevant to your question.18:17
hellekinthank you bkuhn18:18
hellekinIndeed, I think their confusion comes from "license... at no charge" and the last link you passed.  The alledged cost of distribution imposed on users who share GPL'd software, according to SLF, is just a (quite common) misunderstanding of the GPL.18:35
hellekinThat said, people hate to be wrong, so when they claim such mistakes, it's very hard to get them back to reason.  you have to have a scientific mindset to admit error and change course.18:36
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bkuhnI don't know waht SLF is.19:12
bkuhnMeanwhile, hellekin, again, I am sorry, but I only have a vague understanding of what you're trying to say.  Anyway, the paragraph in the Guide that begins "The next phrase of note in GPLv2 §2(b) is “licensed …at no charge.” This phrase confuses many. " is probably the exact paragraph you need to quote to clear up this confusion.19:13
hellekinbkuhn: SLF is an anti-FSF site I stumbled upon today.
bkuhnWhy take it seriously at all?19:17
hellekinI'm not.  I was just interested in finding the counter-argument to their propaganda.19:17
hellekinKnow your enemy...19:17
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bkuhnhellekin: My enemies are people with clue and real strategies to oppose software freedom.  The people who maintain that SLF website are have neither AFAICT.20:11
hellekinYou're right bkuhn but these clueless people contribute to the noise.  That said it's marginal compared with the grip of giant corporations on the industry and legislative powers20:15
hellekinI'm dearly concerned with the new rise of the anti-crypto movement, the " " propaganda, the "open source" " non-commercial " or "shared" economy and of course the more legalese stuff like patents and lobbies FUDing legislators.20:17
hellekinEven after the Snowden Apocalypse, very little has changed in the right direction20:18
bkuhnI think people tend to conflate a lot of these issues together that need not be conflated.20:18
bkuhnMost of what you mentioned is wholly off-topic with regard to software freedom, and certainly copyleft.  Perhaps there's another channel on freenode where you can discuss such topics where it's on-topic?20:19
hellekinyeah.  I don't share your analysis but I can agree on not bringing this topic to this channel.20:22
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