Tuesday, 2015-02-03

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bkuhnHey, all, I know I've got a lot of merge requests in my queue, including mlinksva's formatting one that came from his discussion with Ciaran on the mailing list, as well as others from fontana and mlinksva to the main Guide text.16:59
bkuhnI'm really overbooked with work (both personal and professional) the next few weeks for various reasons, so I am unsure when I'll get to them all, but I wanted everyone to know I'm thinking about them ever day.16:59
bkuhnenyst also made one a few days ago that I just saw now.16:59
bkuhnfontana: meanwhile, I think our work on the plan  got us close to resolving merge request #27 I just posted this comment to it: https://gitorious.org/copyleft-org/tutorial/merge_requests/27#c11016417:00
bkuhnPerhaps we should have a thread on the mailing list about that?17:00
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fontanabkuhn: OK17:19
fontanabkuhn: the quote from me in the commit message is not accurate17:22
fontanabkuhn: we may be able to use this Wikipedia explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_of_law17:22
bkuhnfontana: I'm not too enthralled with given that it has refimprove marked on it.17:24
bkuhnI will ask karen_ to look it up in Black's as well.  We can't derive from Blacks, and I'd rather not quote it and be forced into a  fair use defenese or something like that for such quoting....17:25
bkuhn.... but perhaps karen_ can read the definition in her copy of Black's and come up with a good footnote explaining it.17:25
bkuhnfontana: meanwhile, do you think the issue of whether or not "operation of law" issues related to the implied patent license discussion warrant further changes to the implied patent license section we have?17:25
bkuhnfontana: and finally, if I've misquoted you, please do post another comment to clarify.17:26
fontanaBlack's isn't a good dictionary anyway17:27
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fontanabkuhn: Maybe guide needs to explain what an implied patent license is17:29
fontanaor an implied license period17:29
fontanafull stop17:29
bkuhnI agree. the Guide already has a sction on the Implied Patent Grant in GPLv2.17:29
bkuhnIt could use improvement and editing anyway.17:30
* fontana doesn't like the use of the term "patent grant" in FLOSS17:30
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bkuhnCopyleft.org's use of that term goes back to 2004 for the FSF CLE materials that  Dan Ravicher wrote.17:50
bkuhnI admit that I forget why Dan felt it was better to say Grant than License.17:50
fontanabkuhn: "Grant" suggests transfer (assignment) unless it's modified by "license"17:51
fontanaA lot of people in FLOSS refer to "patent grants" in FLOSS licenses - very annoying :)17:51
bkuhnfontana: if you want to patch this in the Implied Patent Grant section, I'd be grateful, but unable to merge until March (see email on topic)17:56
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