Monday, 2015-01-19

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bkuhnThe log is back. :)12:34
ndsmithI regret nothing!12:34
bkuhnndsmith: you killed it?  How did you do that?12:34
ndsmithno, I mean I regret nothing that I've said which is now in the public logs ;-)12:35
bkuhnThe bot was still running12:35
bkuhnI couldn't figure out why it wasn't on IRC anymore.12:35
enystthank you :)12:39
ndsmithbkuhn: you back after the conference?12:39
CalinouGPL hate all over the place :/12:39
jxself'tis to be expected. You should watch Bradley's talk.12:40
ndsmith"they give you [the developer] actual freedom."12:40
Calinouactually it's wrong, copyright holder can always do anything12:41
bkuhnreddit is not known for attracting reasonable license debate.12:42
bkuhnThe funny part about or-later not being automatic is that the GPL cedes LESS authority to FSF than EPL, MPL, and CC do to their respective orgs.12:42
bkuhnMost copylefts *don't* allow you to say -only.12:42
bkuhnYou just have to trust the org in question.12:42
bkuhnFSF allows you to chose whether or not you trust the FSF.12:42
Calinouwell, I wish the “or later” was bundled12:43
Calinouit'd save everyone's time12:43
Calinouwith little risk12:43
Calinouthe reason people leave copyleft is complexity12:43
Calinouso people take gigantic risks by using permissive licenses12:43
Calinou(and knowing the derivative works can go proprietary at any time for any reason)12:44
bkuhnI think it's an excuse.  The reason people leave copyleft is because rich people who employ them are anti-copyleft for the usual reasons.12:44
ndsmithbkuhn: did you ever hear back from virtkick ?12:45
bkuhnI don't think so12:46
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bkuhnndsmith: what about it?17:34
ndsmithjust listening to your talk17:34
ndsmithwhen you were saying you like to be mad about something, so you still go to OSCON ;-)17:34
ndsmithbkuhn: after you move to PDX it will be so easy to attend :-)17:35
bkuhnhaha. :)17:46
bkuhnYes, I thought that made a good joke.17:46
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