Sunday, 2015-01-11

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yourbeauguys I have a question, If I release a free software mobile app for Android and if I make it available only via the non-free Google Play Store09:23
yourbeauam I violating any of terms of GPL ?09:23
yourbeaubecause Google Play is non-free platform that is allegedly designed to spy on users and subjugate them09:24
kunoyourbeau: probably.  When you submit your app to the google play store, you do so under the terms set by Google, and Google requires a license from you which is not compatible with the GPL.09:45
kuno(at least when I looked at it some time ago, I suggest you read the terms you have to agree to to submit an app carefully)09:46
yourbeaukuno, but what would you say if EFF like foundation released a free software app for android only via Google Play Store ?10:30
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enystare these the same terms for google play too?
enystfrom it: "Some software used in our Services may be offered under an open source license that we will make available to you. There may be provisions in the open source license that expressly override some of these terms."10:55
yourbeauenyst, ok but the problem is how can one download a free/libre app without using non-free service ?10:56
yourbeaufree app via non-free service is a joke10:57
yourbeauI don't know10:57
enystif you release a free app, any service can distribute it, free or non-free service11:02
enyst(provided they respect your license of course)11:02
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yourbeauenyst, ya that is true technically but ain't good ethically11:07
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