Monday, 2014-11-24

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freephileI've been searching for "guidance" on how corporations should freely assign copyright to their consultants when said consultant is working on GPL software NOT central to the corporations business.10:39
freephiletrivial example: ACME Widgets has a Drupal website.  Consultant makes module.10:40
freephileexample2: ACME Widgets has MediaWiki knowledgebase. Consultant makes extension.10:40
freephileI like the site, but it's another example of teaching people how copyleft started and nuances between licenses etc.10:42
freephileWhat about the thousands of free software hackers (and some not so small companies) that consult for clients on WordPress blogs, Drupal websites, Subversion installations, Postgres upgrades, Apache tuning etc.10:44
freephileI'm still seeing boilerplate contract language that A) calls the engagement a "Work for Hire" and/or B) requires 100% ownership conferred to the client10:46
freephileI've been researching and documenting my findings at
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bkuhnfreephile: What you're looking for is indeed something should exist, but it's beyond the scope of -- it doesn't actually relate to copyleft, only tangentially.11:00
bkuhnfreephile: karen_ has been talking about Conservancy publishing the kind of guidance you're looking for.  I hope we'll be able to do it soon.  But it won't be on because it's not the right place for it.11:00
bkuhnUltimately, what you're asking for is, as you say, text that you can demand  in a contract with an employer that clearly states you keep your own copyrights and may release them as Free Software.11:01
bkuhnfreephile: One side point though: you said focuses on "how copyleft started and nuances between licenses etc." .... I think that's inaccurate.  You've described only about 40% or so of the material in the Guide.11:01
bkuhnso, I agree with you that 40% of the Guide does that, but the other 60% is about various other topics related to copyleft.  But admittedly not the one you need help on (primarily because it's tangential to copyleft), so I understand why you're frustrated, but I hope you'll find as a  good resource nevertheless.11:02
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warpbkuhn: btw, regarding my merge request.  The only problems you saw were with the jQuery tooltip popup, correct?11:13
warpbkuhn: If I figure out some non-javascript alternative to do that,.. I guess it really needs to be pure CSS, i.e. you have little control over the generated HTML and it would be tough to add or move around some elements if that would be necessary (correct? :).11:16
bkuhnwarp: it is possible to control the HTML output but it requires hard core TeX hacking with tex4ht.11:17
bkuhnI was trying to avoid that, but at this point maybe it makes sense.  I think there are a plethora of solutions if we consider the possibility of changing the HTML.11:18
* warp nods11:18
bkuhnI did look briefly at how hard it would be to make sure no "href" attributes appear in an places we use "id" attributes (as the pure-CSS solutions become numerous the moment we do that.11:18
bkuhnIt's probably 4-8 hours of work for me, probably only 2-3 hours of work for a TeX expert.11:19
bkuhnwarp: my "next thought" was to post about this problem to the tex4ht mailing list, should one exist, and ask for help.11:19
bkuhnwarp: meanwhile the solution we're using now is livable.... I only use the javascript solution when absolutely necessary, and I think *anyone* viewing the page with Javascript on sees the right thing... text based browser have always been fine since they don't see a static navbar anyway.11:20
bkuhnSo, we're really ONLY talking about people like me: who use a "normal graphical browser" with Javascript turned off by default.11:20
bkuhnAnd, speaking as that sort of user, if this was the *only* UX problem I experienced when browsing in that mode, I'd consider the world to have finally correctly returned to the concept of graceful degradation .11:21
bkuhnBut anyway, warp, this is why I "moved on" from this problem.  I think it sucks that bootstrap closed the ticket on this, but I get why they did.11:22
bkuhnIn their view, a minor change to the HTML or using three lines of javascript fix the problem.11:22
warpOk, if it works OK for most folks now I won't spend any more time on it either.11:22
warpbut feel free to poke me if you run into any other css/javascript issue with the site.11:23
bkuhnwarp: I'd love if you'd feel like making a 'last test' in the browsers you use to see if all looks fine in this regard.11:23
bkuhnI tested iceweasel and chromium from debian stable pretty extensively11:23
warpI'll check in IE and safari this week.11:25
freephilebkuhn: thanks Bradley, I find (and your other work) to be immensely helpful.  I am glad to hear that karen_ might be taking on the issue I'm talking about.11:33
bkuhnfreephile: I'm glad you find it useful.  Frankly, I've been worried a bit about "feature creep" since was launched.  Even I've had the tendency about putting anything on it that relates to Free Software and copyright or other legal issues in any way.11:34
bkuhnBut that's going too far from its scope.11:34
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