Wednesday, 2014-11-19

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hellekinfor copyleft.org03:54
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bkuhnDoes anyone hanging out here know anything about GNU Mailman administration?  I have a question regarding administration of the mailing lists that I could use some help on.10:22
bkuhn(Alternatively, if someone would be willing to help me with some research about GNU Mailman -- and yes, I'm indeed asking "hey would you that for me.")10:22
bkuhn(It may be a specific question related to Debian's mailman configuration, BTW)10:23
bcottonbkuhn: it’s been a few years, but i’ve done some mailman admin in the past10:25
bkuhnbcotton: So my question is simple: Upon install of Mailman on debian wheezy, it prompted me to create a mailing list called "mailman".  The install process said it was required.  All it seems to do is attract spam.10:25
bkuhn... I tried to delete it, and the rmlist script said it was required.10:26
bkuhn(In fact, ISTR the web interface broke entirely when the list wasn't there)10:26
bkuhnI swear I've admin'ed GNU Mailman installs that didn't have a list called "mailman", but maybe I'm forgetting.10:26
bkuhnAnyway, I'd like to just delete, or at least redirect "mailman" list-alias such as mailman-owner and stuff to a mundane email address.10:26
bkuhn(as 99.999999% of the email that comes to it would be spam anyway)10:27
bcottonouch. fwiw, i dont recall ever having a mailman list on any i’ve touched.10:27
pehjotaAIUI (and IIRC) that list (called the "site list") is a place for users who have trouble with a site's mailing lists to request help from an admin.10:27
pehjotaI don't think that's specific to Debian.10:28
bkuhnpehjota: Can I make it go away?10:30
bkuhnor, set mailman, mailman-owner, etc. go to just a mundane email address instead so I don't have to do Discards for spam that makes it through?10:30
pehjotaI don't think you can remove it.  I have it on my lists site and I actually just ignore it: <>.10:34
bkuhnpehjota: any hints on how you deal with spam for it?  Did you set a content filter to discard all email, or?10:35
bkuhn(I mean, spam that makes it through existing blocking techniques before you hit mailman, which always happens of course)10:35
pehjotabkuhn: I don't think my mailman list gets any posts, actually.  Maybe because I don't have the posting address for that list easily findable (I don't use Mailman's listinfo page).10:40
pehjotaMaybe redirect mailman, mailman-owner, etc. with /etc/aliases, depending on your mail setup.10:41
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pehjotaYeah, my mailman list has no posts and no pending moderation requests.  So, I deal with spam by not advertising the list at all, heh.10:51
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bkuhnAh, ok.11:04
bkuhnThanks for your help.  I'll figure something out eventually.11:04
bkuhnI'll forget about it until the next time I check my email and have pending moderation requests again. :)11:04
pehjotaSorry I don't have a better answer than either not showing Mailman's listinfo interface or redirecting the list with /etc/aliases.11:06
pehjota(For the former option, I made my own list info page with subscribe/options/unsubscribe forms that POST to Mailman's CGI programs: <>.)11:09
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ollybkuhn: mailman web admin ui has "Advertise this list when people ask what lists are on this machine?" as the first entry in the privacy tab (which works for me)15:22
ollydon't know about the "mailman" list - I've never noticed having one on my domains, but I don't admin the list server15:22
ollyseems there is one, but only on one domain15:24
bkuhnolly: right, it's not being advertised in any event.  The problem is that "mailman@" is a common address spammers send to.15:40
mlinksvaminimally formatted almost totally unreferenced braindump
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bkuhnmlinksva: wow, thanks!  I may not have time to go through it and merge it into next until this weekend, though.17:02
mlinksvai've no expectation of merge timeline!17:05
bkuhnMy other issue is figuring out who to extract the "front matter" from gpl-lgpl.tex into a more general discussion of copyleft.17:06
bkuhnMy thought lately is a brief introduction section that discusses how copyleft was originally designed for software, then later applied to other types of creative works, then the standing front-matter about copyright/copyleft/free software definition as it relates to software.17:07
bkuhnThen, perhaps your front-material about free cutulre.17:07
bkuhnTHEN the GPL and LGPL sections17:07
bkuhnTHEN the CC-BY-SA section17:07
mlinksvai would love there to be an AGPL section (i know it is mentioned, but not really studied) :)17:11
mlinksvabut that structure makes sense17:11
bkuhnmlinksva: Oh, yeah, I also have a mental TODO to write a skeleton  AGPL section for the next branch this weekend.17:18
bkuhnAt this point, I need to move most of work to weekends.17:18
bkuhnI'm currently budgeted 2 hrs/week (of a 40 hour week) by my "boss" for this. :)17:19
bkuhngranted, I work more than 40 hrs a week.17:19
bkuhnso I can get more done than that, of course.17:19
bkuhnbut, I'll relegate a lot of stuff to weekends going forward.  I don't want a week to go by that I don't commit or merge something, though.17:19
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