Monday, 2014-11-10

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paulfontana: Ah, well, our project has made decisions based on that paragraph.04:47
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bkuhngreetings, hugoroyd.08:58
bkuhn(Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I was in the middle of something -- and I also have to go idle soon for about 2 hrs)08:58
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hugoroydno problemo, bkuhnIdle. I'm just joining without anything specific to say at the moment :-) just curious09:24
bkuhnIdleOk, I'll be back in an hour or two.  Feel free to submit patches. :)  (really idle  now)09:25
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Tichodromaarticle in German IT news site Heise:
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bkuhnTichodroma: thanks very much!  For the logs, here's the permalink:
bkuhnIt doesn't say very much that isn't in the press release though.:)10:58
Tichodromabetter than nothing.11:04
TichodromaIf the news site would not be called Heise Open Source, it would be even better :)11:04
bkuhnWell. Heise is huge....11:06
bkuhn... the fact they covered the story at all is excellent in itself.11:07
liberI have found that knowledge about open source is much more wide spread than my home country (Sweden).11:28
liberthe fact that a big newspaper covers a story like that is almost unheard of in Sweden11:29
liberAnd without making any stupid remarks about piracy.11:29
liberThere was even something in Die Zeit not too long ago. Apart from a really stupid ad for a proprietary SSL library ("we are secure because only we have the source") reading about FLOSS in german newspapers is a bliss11:33
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bkuhnliber: I get the impression that the  Germany media really understood (better than the media elsewhere in the world) that there's a connection between software freedom and technological privacy.11:43
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liberbkuhn: Yeah, and I also think the german pragmatism (because the germans are a pragmatic people for the most part) really goes well together with the philosophy of open source.13:52
bkuhnWell, I think it's more of the fact that the USA was spying on German leaders and they realized they don't want proprietary software controlled by US corporations on their devices. ;)13:53
bkuhnIt's a corollary to why Free Software has always been more popular outside the USA than in it.  Most major software companies are in the USA.13:53
bkuhnBut, That's just, like, my opinion, man.13:54
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yrkusing HBR for a project managed overwhelmingly by one person seems premature. For the same reason it would also be harmless14:06
yrkHBR also seems to apply only to discussions, not decisions. the former are cheap and plentiful, but the latter actually matter14:09
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fontanayrk: you may be correct sir14:19
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bcottonopen decisions become more difficult if the discussions all happen in private, though14:55
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