Saturday, 2014-11-08

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svanheulenI have a question about using the GPL as the license for one of my projects. Is this the place to do that or is there a more appropriate channel for that?09:06
warpsvanheulen: I think this is a good place for such questions.09:09
svanheulenAwesome :)09:09
warp(but if you want legal advice you should talk to your lawyer. </cargo-cult-disclaimer>)09:10
svanheulenOk, so my project is a DLL that will be injected into the process of a closed-source video game. It hooks some functions and modifies the game's memory. Can I use the GPL for my code?09:11
svanheulenI'm not sure if my code would be considered a plugin to the closed-source game. Which it seems that the GPL wouldn't work in that situation.09:13
bkuhnsvanheulen: you'll need a license exception to use the GPL.09:16
bkuhnsvanheulen: may be of help.09:17
bkuhnif you have additional questions beyond that, the right address to write to is <>09:18
bkuhnsvanheulen: Unrelated to the licensing of your own code, you should also think about DMCA issues that you might face.  If you are in the USA, or plan to visit the USA, you should investigate whether you code might be circumvention and discuss the issue with any attorney.  This is a USA-specific law, although other countries have similar ones, such as the EUCD.09:21
warpTo be fair, in the game industry it is very common for third-parties to make authorized and unauthorized modifications to proprietary video games, and share them with other gamers.  So I think the risk is fairly limited (depending on the game), but it certainly is good idea to know about the risks and make an informed decision on whether and how you publish your work.09:24
svanheulenbkuhn: Thanks for the info! And yeah, good point, I should probably look into that.09:24
bkuhnwarp: for my part, I believe in civil disobedience regarding the DMCA felony penalties and I've been very public that I've violated the anti-circumvention provision of the DMCA, even in public.   I'm sure the federal Marshalls  know where to find me.  But, others might have a different risk profile.09:26
warpI now live in a country where all the big DVD/Blu-ray shops in the main shopping street of an upper middle class neighboorhood sell almost exclusively pirated media.09:30
bkuhnwarp: I hope you won't use the word "pirate".  It's an analogy designed to make the violation seem disproportionately bad.09:54
bkuhn(i.e.., I assume that you have no evidence those DVDs arrived in the shop because someone boarded one of Disney's ships on the Atlantic and stole all their shipping containers filled with DVDs)09:55
bkuhnThat's the only way I can imagine they are "pirated".09:55
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bkuhnfontana: !17:41
bkuhnfontana: what's the dead link you found?17:54
fontanabkuhn: sorry it's not on the website. It's in the announcement.17:54
fontanaoh maybe you knew about that.17:55
bkuhnfontana: which one?17:55
bkuhncan you just tell me what it is?17:55
fontanabkuhn: I think the one to the CCS candidate? Have to check17:55
bkuhnfontana: I just tested all the links.17:56
bkuhnDid you find it this morning?17:56
bkuhnI was messing with 's DNS this morning.17:56
bkuhnso the links were down for maybe an hour or so this morning (US/Eastern)17:56
fontanabkuhn: it was in the message that Martin Michlmayr forwarded to an internal HP mailing list17:57
fontanawhich I think I deleted17:57
bkuhnHere's the URLs from the announcement:17:57
bkuhn  Conservancy Announcement:
bkuhn  FSF Announcement:
bkuhn             https://copyleft.org17:57
bkuhn  Pristine CCS Example:
bkuhn  Announcement on Twitter:
bkuhnfontana: I just tested all of those above and they all worked.17:58
fontanabkuhn: I think it was the 'pristine example' but I see it works now17:58
bkuhnfontana: when did you try it?17:58
fontanabkuhn: Last night I think.17:58
bkuhn(I am curious how long I left it broken ;)17:58
bkuhnoh well, I fixed it. :)17:58
fontanathat's good, I think the pristine example and also the case studies are highly valuable17:59
bkuhnfontana: I need to update the case-studies a bit.18:00
fontanaI didn't read them too closely18:00
bkuhnThey are old.18:01
fontanaI assume they come from some old materials18:01
bkuhnI wrote them back when I was FSF.18:01
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bkuhnyes.... but I have updates, both about them...18:01
bkuhn... and I have more to add.18:01
fontanathese are highly useful18:01
fontanathey're what's been missing18:01
fontanafrom the discourse18:01
bkuhnThey were never missing.18:01
bkuhnI wrote them in 2003. ;)18:01
fontanawell I never knew how to find them18:01
bkuhnI agree, this is why I had to do
bkuhnThe LaTeX sources have been public for years.18:02
bkuhnbut no one ever built it.18:02
bkuhnnow, there are easy URLs.18:02
fontanabkuhn: I'm dealing with some of these kinds of issues at HP, for the first time. They didn't really arise at Red Hat.18:02
bkuhnWe've got:
bkuhnthey all point to different places on the site; easy to remember. :)18:03
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fontanabkuhn: I have now subscribed to discuss@copyleft.org18:43 rather18:44
bkuhnfontana: do you18:51
bkuhnhave any patches for me yet?18:51
fontanabkuhn: not yet18:51
* bkuhn wants some18:51
bkuhnplease help!18:51
fontanabkuhn: maybe I'll work on it this weekend18:51
fontanaI will use my non-work laptop :)18:52
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bkuhnfontana: yes, you need to be sure it's not HP's copyright. :)19:22
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bkuhnbotCopyleftBuild: force build guide-next21:14
botCopyleftBuildbuild #0 forced21:14
botCopyleftBuildI'll give a shout when the build finishes21:14
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